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I got the opportunity to try out two new pole grips from Powergrip Sport pole grip. Powergrip Sport, a UK-based company also creates products for golf, bodybuilding, watersports, football and rock climbing. They have several products for pole dancers including the two products I tried as well as a grip/hand strengthener, ankle protectors and gloves with tack.

Liquid Chalk

Liquid Chalk, similar to Dry Hands, is a liquid that dries to a really smooth, light-feeling grip. It felt smoother than Dry Hands and dried very quickly.

This would be my favorite of the two that I tried as it had really great grip as I used it in a variety of holds and spins for about an hour on the pole. It lasted and I didn’t feel I needed to reapply it.

A note: I do not have very sweaty hands; my hands tent to be a bit drier. I usually have to apply a tack product after washing my hands and they have the slightest bit of moisture on them. In summer, of course here in the middle of California there are sweat problems – so I will try these again where there’s more sweat!

Also, the Liquid Chalk cleaned off quickly and completely with some lukewarm water and hand soap. There wasn’t any residue left on my hands or too much on my pole.

With the use of any grip products, there will be some residue left on the pole that you can either let build for extra tackiness (I do this sometimes) or clean off with a dance pole cleaner, window/glass cleaner and a lint-free rag/cloth.

The 50ml bottle comes in a handy-shaped bottle with a cool D-ring that you can use to clip on your keychain or inside your gym bag. There is also a larger bottle available in 250ml. 


Powergrip, similar to Mighty Grip, is a powder that is cheaper in cost (about $10.50 USD) than Mighty Grip (about 7g for $15 USD) and you get more in the bottle 15g (like twice as much!).

It felt a bit more grainy when I first dumped a little in my hands but after dusting off the excess, it was smooth and had good grip. I say ‘good’ because I normally won’t use a powder type of grip by itself, it feels like it doesn’t cling to my particular skin type well so I usually mix it with some Tite Grip, Dry Hands, a bit of iTac to make it pastier. Again, this works for MY skin because of the dryness.

In this case, I tried the Powergrip alone and it just wasn’t enough “stick” for me so I rubbed a little of the Liquid Chalk with it and it was perfect. I think that if I had been sweatier or it was summertime, I could use this alone.

But for someone with really sweaty hands or contact points on the body trying to grip the pole, I would say that the powder alone would make a great grip, absorb that excess moisture on your skin and create that perfect grippy-ness that we all need once in awhile.

Powergrip washed off just as easily with some lukewarm water and handsoap. It hardly left any residue on my pole. I did reapply a very little amount while on the pole as my hands worked up some moisture from working out.

Will I Use Them Again?

Overall, I would rate these two Powergrip Sport pole grip aids highly as they both do their job – acting as antiperspirants and creating grip for the hands and body. In California summers, I need a lot of the drier products because it gets super hot and humid on some days here. In the winter (almost here!) everything gets so dry that I have to use some moisture on my skin along with grip.

The way that I personally use pole dance grip is on my hands, insides of my thighs and knees, sometimes on the tops of my feet. Mighty Grip, Tite Grip, Dry Hands, Cramer’s, Dew Point and iTac have all been my go-to staples for this. Liquid Chalk and Powergrip definitely will be a part of this group as the quality is high, the packaging is well-made, and the product works just as good as the others.

I think I prefer the Liquid Chalk over Dry Hands at this point because of the way it feels – just smoother and lighter on my hands and it dried quicker.

These two products are great for UK-based pole dancers that normally purchase Mighty Grip, Dry Hands or Tite Grip; the Powergrip Sport pole grip products are worth trying out – if you do or have tried them, let us know how they have worked for you!

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