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Polefitfanatics has been one of the more valuable websites for pole dancers that I have found. The author and host, Lynda Royal from Australia, has build a really nice little place to find some gems of information.

She also has articles such as some up-close and personal interviews with pole dancers, and some good information on becoming fit for pole work including some excellent suggestions on weight lifting that will improve your pole performance.

One of my favorites that I think every pole dancer should have in her arsenal of 'pole info' is the article that includes tips to minimize bruising!

I did my own interview with Lynda and here are our Q and A's:

Sara: Lynda, your your website is: www.polefitfanatics.com. How long have you had the website and what was your motivation behind setting it up?

Lynda: The website is relatively new, only about 6 weeks old! I am a web developer and business women and I absolutely love pole. I have a young family and I find it really disturbing that I get a negative reaction from people when I tell them what I do for fun and fitness. Particularly from men. I felt sick of having to explain and justify, so I thought to myself; don't get mad, get even. So, I set up the website with the goal of educating people about pole and helping the sport become acceptable and mainstream, and to get more people involved.

Sara: You are a pole dancer yourself. How did you get into pole and how long have you been poling?

Lynda: I have been doing pole for about 3 and a half years. I went along with a friend, there were 4 of us, to a beginners class. I was amazed at how difficult it was. I was used to things I did involving strength being relatively easy and it was so much harder than it looked.

From that time I was hooked. The studio I originally went to closed down, so I had about a year gap just practising a little bit on my pole at home until another studio opened where I live.

I watch too many you tube videos and dance with some amazing girls to think I am particularly good. Slowly but surely my skills are improving. I am just moving into advanced level.

Sara: What studio do you attend?

Lynda: Polefit Studio in Papamoa, New Zealand.

Sara: Have you ever competed?

Lynda: No! But my instructor has convinced me and the other girls in my class to enter the NZAPP. (New Zealand Amateur Pole Performer). Our heat is in July, so that's a wee while away. But I am starting to do some work on nailing a few moves, thinking about songs and dance etc. I'll have to get serious soon!

Sara: Is there anything particular you would like to see happen within the industry? Pole at the olympics for example - what are your thoughts on that?

Lynda: I would definitely love to see the sport become more mainstream and accepted. I am not sure about pole in the Olympics. There has been lots of discussion about it. My concern is that is would downplay the art/dance side of pole and make it a little bit boring and same, same. I think we need to align ourselves more with the fitness industry. It only takes 2 minutes trying some moves on the pole to realise that it is a serious fitness workout and incredibly challenging.

Sara: Who is your pole idol?

Lynda: I adore Rafaela Montanaro. She is incredible. I have watched her performance at the World Pole and Sport Fitness Championships dozens of times. In fact, I recently interviewed her and will be publishing that interview on my website later this week. She is amazing! Ummm, can you tell I'm a fan??

Sara: Anything else you'd like to add?

Lynda: Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts with your readers Sara. I look forward to talking with you again and working toward out joint mission of getting our sport out there in the world.

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