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I met George Grigorian, photographer and owner of Poleagraphy, a pole dance photography company, on Facebook and asked him if he would share more about his work with you!

Your work is did you get started as a photographer?

My beginings are very simple and probably very similar to lot of other people.We were expecting our first child (Adrian) and just like all other expecting parents, we went out and got a camera and a camcorder.

I started shooting lot of photos with a sony point and shoot 3.2 megapixel camera back in early 2002...and this was my first time to really shoot some photos. I never owned any kind of camera before that.

I am very lucky to have true love in my life and I have also always loved soccer... so I know what the feeling is.I started having the same kinda feeling about shooting photos as I always have had about playing soccer... so I realized there is something there to be explored. So I went out and started investing in some equipment.

How did you get started in photographing pole dancers?

Again a very simple and innocent start... Mina Mortezaie is a very good friend of mine. Back in 2009 on Facebook, I saw some photos of her on the pole and I commented and said why don't you come over for a photo shoot with you pole!?

Estee saw that and she commented that she would like to come too. So we did and I started learning about Pole Dancing and Pole Dance industry... didn't know anything about that before.

Have you ever tried pole dancing?

I have.... not in the real sense though. I love being behind the camera... I shoot many different occasions... so being behind the camera is what I love the most!

What are your feelings about pole dancing for fitness and competition being associated with the exotic dance industry?

I think pole dancing is one of the best exercizes out there for every day people. It is a form of exercise that can easily be done at the comfort of your own home or at a dance studio.

I have seen people improve over the couple of years that I've been shooting pole dancers and I can easily vouch for the effectiveness of it.

As for the sport of pole dancing being associated with exotic dance industry... people will always say things... it's mostly out of ignorance and jealousy. I agree that some of the moves from pole dancing look like exotic dancing, so does some of the moves in gymnastics or any other kinds of dancing. Some people will always make comments... can't let them become a distraction.

Who are some of your clients?

I've photographed over 250 pole dancers and majority of them have been at pole dance studios. I did my first pole dance studio shoot at Evolve Dance Studio in Los Angeles, but I have shot in many others.

You can see all the studios I've worked with under the links page on my website

Do you have a studio you use or do you travel to do your photo shoots?

Yes and yes! I do the shoots at the pole dance studios because that makes for a more relaxing atmosphere for the students and the instructors that want to participate in the shoot.

I have also done many shoots at my very good friend, Margaret Chang's downtown lofts. I also have a home studio, but I mainly use that for headshots and portraits and etc.

What is a typical pole dancer photo shoot like?

You get to have anywhere from 15 min's to an hour of camera time if you are coming in on a photo shoot day. For a private shoot, the average is 2 hours but the sky's the limit as far as what my clients desire to have done for their private shoot.

My clients get to have a private link to see all their shots which is anywhere from 80 to 150 or more shots and select their favorites to have it retouched and sent to them on a CD. Depending on the occasion, we may have costumes or different backgrounds too.

I have even used wings in some shoots! :) People love my custom made red curtain when I use it as background! I also have boudoir shoots that are very popular.

Where can an interested client get more information about rates, ect for a shoot?

Call or email me with all your questions! Great customer service is what I take huge pride in! There are no questions that I won't answer and you can always feel very comfortable about contacting me.

I love what I do so I always want best results not only for my beloved customers but also to make myself happy and satisfied with what I do! Customer satisfaction is very important to me and I absolutely love and cherish returning customers and referrals!

I love photography and I do many different kinds of photography work. I have become a popular name within Pole Dance Industry due to my work and I am very thankful for that.

I also love fashion photography and hope to be recognized for that some day. I think my work and style is different in pole dance photography due to my love and eye for the fashion look of things.

I try to connect with people that I shoot so I am able to capture them at their most personal and intimate moment! Applying the correct lighting style also helps though.

Growing up with 4 sisters, I have great respect for women and their privacy and when I do my pole dance shoot either in an event or at a studio shoot, I make sure to capture them in the most beautiful and sensual but appropriate pose.

Shooting pole dancers is not easy but they have been some of my most wonderful and appreciative customers ever! I love working with them and helping the industry in any way I can. After all, that's the only way I can give back.

You can view more of George's work at his website

You can also contact George at (818)903-4219 or his email

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