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Intro to Pole Dancing, Open Level Pole Fitness, Pole Choreo and Power Pole are all offered to students who attend.

I spoke with Jennifer, the owner and instructor, about her pole dance journey.

How where you first introduced to pole dance?

Eliana from "So You Think You Can Dance" talked about it on the show as something she loves to do besides more traditional styles of dance.  For one of the dances on the show they brought in a pole, it was fantastic!!!

What was it about the dance style that intrigued you?

The difficulty.  I am a sucker for challenges.  

What has pole dance done for you personally?

It has personally given me a stronger mind & body!  I have met a lot of wonderful ladies along the way, and have been able to share in the same gift!

How long have you been poling and how did you first start to learn?

My pole adventure began 2-28-13! All my training is done at the Pole Star Fitness studio.  I do not have a pole at home.  

Did you ever use any DVD's or go to a studio to learn?

I have used DVDs, and we bring in guest instructors to teach workshops.  I always schedule myself a private lesson along with taking the workshops as well.  I also travel and take classes when I find the time.  

Do you think we can blend other dance styles, for instance Latin, with pole dance? 

There is no limit to pole!  Anything can be done!  

What advice do you give beginning students? 

I first try and get them to come to our beginner class because I don't want them to be intimidated  by seeing the advanced students do their tricks!  Also, I tell them it is difficult, and we will learn at their individual pace.  But we cannot skip steps, we need to progress safely.  

What advice do you give advanced students? 

Try and get as much exposure as possible.  If traveling, look up a local studio and go!  We have a large group of our more dedicated students that are traveling to Pole Expo this year in September!  We are beyond excited!!!

What is your favorite pole trick?

I love combos!  There is one that Zoraya said she is naming after me:-) It is a combination of moves including the Brian, to the ice skater, into a shoulder mount!  I am sure it has been done before, but she had never seen it done.  Needless to say, I was pretty stocked about that!

Sweet! What was the hardest thing for you to learn in pole?

Spin pole!  Overcoming the motion sickness!

I think a lot of us leave spinning pole for last! Do you have any new personal 'pole goals' for yourself?

I want to perform on stage!  I may get my chance in August @ the NCPP, still contemplating if I have enough time to put together a routine, costume & train!     

That would be an amazing experience for you. What are your thoughts about pole dancing being associated still in our culture with 'stripping' and erotic dance?

That will always be around, but more & more as pole fitness grows and becomes more well known, will reshape the pole image.  

Do you have a favorite grip product?

I am open to trying out all products, but Dry Hands is a staple in my training regiment. 

Have you or do you plan on ever competing?

Never competed with pole before, I am competitive by nature but I am nowhere near where I need to be to compete.  The competition out there is fierce!

What motivational statement would you make to a frustrated pole dancer that is having a hard time progressing?

Take a break...work on something else....take some cross training classes.  I will not give up on you, so don't give up on yourself!  

Tell us what inspired you to open your own studio? 

Well, it was purely selfish! The studio owner previous was closing down the studio and moving out of state.  There isn't another studio within an hour drive of Fresno.  She offered to sell the studio to me, and I felt that my only option was to buy it!  Best decision ever! I love my pole family!

What has been your biggest goal as an instructor? 

To have a safe, healthy, positive place for women to express themselves through pole & dance!  

What is the biggest challenge that you see pole students face in your studio?

It is hard.  Women do not naturally have a ton of upper body strength.  It takes time to build that up.  We need the strength to do the pole moves.  It is giving the right expectation that it will be months, maybe years before they can do some tricks safely!  

Is pole dance 100% of your life's work now or do you work in another career as well?

I have a day job which I love!!! I am a Design Consultant by day, pole instructor by night!  Mother of two teenagers, and a wife!  Pole provides a good balance for me.

Do you have any new projects or products in the works to share with us?

We are planning a Summer Sizzle!  A showcase for our students, friends & family!  We will keep you posted. 

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Pole Star Fitness is located at 1421 N. Clovis Ave., Ste. 103, Fresno, CA. You can reach the studio by phone at (888) 299-4199 and find out more about schedules and pricing on their website.

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