Aerial Empowerment pole grip enhancer


This is by far the best pole grip enhancer that I have ever used. A pole buddy of mine gave me some of her dry mix to try since my stainless steel was frustrating the $#%&* out of me because I could not get a good grip on it one night while practicing. Not sure if I was perspiring too much or the pole was cleaned wrong.

But I mixed the dry sandy-looking rocks and resins with 99% concentration rubbing alcohol, let it sit for a few days, then sprayed it onto a clean cloth and wiped my pole down.

The result was was like the pole was so clean that it literally squeaked when I tried to grip and spin around it! This was my answer!!!

I use this spray to clean my pole every time now...I also enjoy Mighty Grip the best although I will use some Dry Hands or Tite Grip if I feel too sweaty.

This quote is from Aerial Empowerment's website:

" This spray was originally intended for use on silks but discovered that is works amazing for pole and other apparatuses as well. It doesn't matter if you have sweaty hands, or dry hands, whatever your skin type this spray is guaranteed to aid gripping the pole (or silks or bare lyra/trapeze) better than you ever have before. It not only helps grip but it also cleans the pole as well.

Directions: Pole, (bare trapeze and lyra): Spray solution on a clean rag and wipe down the pole. Wait a few seconds to dry."

To purchase, contact Aerial Empowerment at since only the mix and not the pre-mixed version can be sold out of Utah.


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