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Pole Exercise 2 DVD Review

In the Pole Exercise DVD 2, Lucy Misch once again does a fabulous job in the 2nd DVD of the Pole Exercise series! You can also check out my review of the first DVD in this series, Pole Exercise Beginner DVD.

pole exercise dvd 2

What the Pole Exercise DVD 2 Teaches

Strength Training

Again, as in DVD 1 she teaches the “Hang Tough” a great way to start measuring your strength by how long you can hold yourself in position on the pole. The “Pole Pull-Up”, “Pole Push Up”, the “Ab Pull Up” and more exercises to build the strength of those pole muscles!

Spins and Skills

In this section, you will learn 5 moves, 2 of them combination spins including “Swivel Hips”, something I am trying to get! I like that she teaches this move from the ground first as well.

Poses and Inverts

In this section, you will learn 17 different moves including the Jamilla into Extended Butterfly, Shoulder Mount Jacknife, the Pencil, Aysha, Brass Monkey to Eros, and Daphne. There isn’t a whole lot of verbal instruction but the moves are demonstrated simply and quickly and they are visually clear. This section is definitely for those that can hold themselves up on the pole for 1-2 minutes, can climb and invert with ease.


I love this section. Even though its only a little over 11 minutes long, she demonstrates 5 stages or levels of stretching: Less, Normal, Instructor, Advanced and Ridiculous. The flexibility ability increases with each level. I like that each stretch gives 5 different ways to keep getting deeper into the stretch. Tips to get more flexible are included as well.

I like the Box Splits work, the Froggy splits, Bridge work and especially the back stretching and flexibility section.


There are four routines that include moves you can learn from the DVD. Each performer has a different dance style, from sizzling sexy routine on a spinning pole to a great man’s routine and workout, a simple and sensual routine and a routine that includes a great display of static advanced moves. I especially like Jenny’s routine, the sexy spinning pole one!

There is also a section after each performance where it goes over the steps to learning the each routine.


This section includes pole tips, cast biographies, and teasers to the other DVDs that have been produced by Lucy Productions.

My Thoughts About the DVD

The Pole Exercise DVD 2 is definitely not a beginning pole dance student's DVD to follow, with the exception of the stretching part. 

The teaching and instruction are not broken down enough for a beginner, but more for someone who has learned the fundamentals of pole already. 

Overall, I like this DVD as it has a great selection of moves, tricks, spins and poses to learn from, many that can be combined into stunning routines. I will definitely be using this DVD in my training sessions at home!

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