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Lucy Misch does an outstanding job on the Pole Exercise Beginner DVD teaching strength training, climbing and several beginner moves including some intermediate and advanced moves.

What you will learn on Pole Exercise Beginner DVD

What you will learn on this DVD:

·         Spins and skills

·         Poses and Inverts

·         Climbing

·         Strength Training

I learned two new moves that are currently helping me since I have been working lots of building my strength:

The “Hang Tough” a simple strength-building move that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet. There are two variations, one that builds your upper body holding strength and one that strengthens the arms and hands, your grip strength.

The “Pole Pull Up” on Lucy’s DVD is great! I have actually been doing a little variation of this in my training sessions and have not seen this variation anywhere else;  it helps to build your arms, core and leg strength as you pull up onto the pole.

Although I skipped through some of the explanations before demonstrating each move – mostly because I am not an audio-learner, I have to SEE something demonstrated to learn it (or read about it) I still felt that the explanations were clear and easy to understand.

In “Spins & Skills” you will learn 16 different spins, all of them pretty much your basic spins. They are taught simply and I found them all easy to understand.

In “Poses and Inverts” you will learn 39 different poses on the pole such as the Scorpio, Gemini, Iguana, Chopper and the Ubervert, something I’m working on now! This section also teaches your basic invert, some variations of it and some intermediate/advanced  moves (everyone seems to classify them differently!) such as  the Superman and Shoulder Mount.

In the “climbing” section you will learn 4 different ways to climb the pole as well as a one-armed dismount, which can also act as a great strength-building exercise.

There is also an “Extras” section that includes Pole Tips, teasers of the other films that she has created such as “Hot Pulse” (which looks very sexy and fun!) as well as cast biographies.

What I loved about Pole Exercise Beginner DVD

I am impressed with the simplicity of learning these moves for beginners. I would highly recommend this DVD if you are just starting out as you can use the strength building moves to start getting those shoulder, chest and back muscles strong enough to hold yourself up on the pole and start learning how to climb, spin and do some of the basic inversions taught here.

I know I will be learning some more from this Pole Exercise Beginner DVD!

How can I get a copy?

You can purchase a copy directly from Lucy's site www.poleexercise.co.uk

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