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Watching great pole dancing videos can help you refine your moves, teach you new ones or just be great entertainment! For basic 'how-to' videos, see ExpertVillage's videos. 

Seeing another dancer on film execute a move that you have been working so hard at to learn can sometimes make that "click!" in your brain and help you to 'get it' and be able to perform it.

To watch some sexy pole dance routines, click here or check out my list of favorite movies with pole dance scenes in them. There are many fitness videos that include routines as workouts.

Click here for a list of free videos to watch. Here are some erotic dance routines that can give you some ideas to add to your own choreography...

Do you have a sexy pole dance video that you would like to submit? 

Wanna share your best pole dance video with us?

Join in and show us your moves! It's easy to do. Simply click here to submit your best pole dance video.

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