Pole Dancing Techniques

Pole dancing techniques include everything from hand and grip positioning, leg hooks and hangs, knowing the point of contacts for each trick, spin and pose as well as how much or how little grip and momentum to use on each spin or trick.

Pole dancing skills also include using proper form on each move as well as knowing what not to do! Some things that you don't want to do are throwing yourself too hard into a spin, kicking when trying to invert or not knowing how to properly dismount when upside down. These show lack of skill and strength and can lead to injury from not just slipping and falling but also from jarring your body against the pole or pulling muscles and straining tendons.

You can learn proper technique from

a certified instructor at a pole dance studio, the instruction from your pole dance dvd or from one of the pole dance move guides. Knowing how to enter, hold or go through a trick and to exit the move all also lend to better safety.

Pole dancing techniques is also about incorporating your own style into your routines. Some of the pole dancing routine styles that I have seen include slow and graceful, fast and powerful, sensual and sexy or a combination of all as in this performance:

Warming up
before practicing or a performance is also a part of good pole technique.

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