Pole Dancing Moves Guide

Using a pole dancing moves guide will help you to round out your learning, introduce you to new moves and give you instruction on how to perform new poses, tricks and spins.

Pole Position is one such guide that gives you a comprehensive list of tricks and pole dancing moves and breaks them down in an instructional manner.

Here is a free pole dance move visual dictionary that will help you to learn the names of pole dance moves. The Pole Fitness Association also sells a set of 45 flashcards that have a photograph and name for many of the moves.

You can also use pole dance instructional dvd's as a guide for your pole journey. The instructors on the videos will usually give you the name of the trick, spin or pose as well as break down the way to perform it.

There are also online pole dance lessons that are a great alternative to using a dvd alone or not being able to attend a class at a studio. You can usually have access to an instructor along with your online lesson membership to help you with 'getting' what you are being taught.

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