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There are several ways you can go about gaining pole dancing experience. Whether you decide to teach yourself, learn online or go through an instructor, there are several things to consider.

What are your goals in getting this experience? Do you want to just learn and get better? Or are you looking into becoming an instructor or opening your own studio? Do you need to show experience for getting a certification?

Teaching Yourself

There are several well-known and very talented pole dancers that are self-taught including Skittles and Nicole the Pole that recently starred in Rhianna's music video "Pour It Up". If you are going to teach yourself, it is best to:

  • Learn advanced tricks last and always try your tricks and poses from the floor first
  • Learning progression of tricks - which to learn before the others
  • Video record all of your sessions for visual feedback and so that you can see if you are doing the tricks properly
  • Use mirrors and get good equipment. A stable high-quality pole, crash mat and grip aids will all be needed. 
  • Start learning with a beginners DVD like LeighAnn's or Sheila Kelley's or one of these other DVDs to start with. Leigh Ann has a whole series you can learn from to advanced tricks and poses. 
  • Schedule out your week and include 'rest' days in between your training days. Plan your workout schedule for the week to include three alternating days of pole practice and weight lifting or strength training and three alternating days of cardio exercise such as cycling, kickboxing, running, walking or any other activity to keep your heart rate elevated for at least 20-30 minutes. 

This will help you to burn fat, lose weight, see muscle definition, and increase your ability to endure through a pole dance routine.

Getting Pole Dancing Experience Online

You can also take lessons online, a little different than learning from a DVD because with some subscriptions, like Veena's, you can post all of your videos or photos of your practice and get feedback and valuable help. 

She also includes the progression learning so that you know which tricks to work on before the next to gain proper pole dancing experience.

Her program leads you through learning pole dance step-by-step from zero ability to super advanced tricks. 

There are also other online pole lessons you can take. Check out some of them here

Experience from Live Pole Dance Instruction

Getting your pole dancing experience through live instruction, in my opinion, is the best way to learn because you get access to use quality equipment in a studio, get a spotter, immediate feedback, detailed instruction specific for you and the help of other students that are learning as well.

I have always liked going to a studio over learning on my own but there are also studios that will keep you at one learning level for too long, not give you individual attention if the class is too large or the instructor is not qualified to be teaching other students a sport like pole dance.

There is a huge difference between being a good performer and instructing. Some things to look for in a good studio are:

  • Emphasis on safety
  • Has quality equipment and crash mats in the studio
  • Teaches you strength building techniques for your core, shoulders, back and legs also
  • A compassionate instructor who you can connect with and does not put you down in any way, shape or form and doesn't allow anyone else in class to do so
  • The instructor is certified in CPR/First Aid
  •  Is also fitness trainer certified. This tells me that she not only knows her stuff but she is aware of kinesiology, physiology and the way the body learns and grows in strength. 
  • Is a team leader
  • Allows you to call, text or email her with questions
  • Gives you follow up work to work on at home even without a pole

Getting Certified

You can also get certified now to teach pole dance through several organizations, online and through live workshops. They are usually 1-3 days in length and the online ones such as KT Coates Vertical Fitness in the UK give you more time. 

Read more about getting certified to teach pole dance here.

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