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There are many, many pole dancing events that happen all over the world...many at studios, some at larger facilities like championship contests and jams.

There are competitions, championships, pole jams, studio workshops, studio grand openings and many other events for pole dancers to meet others, learn and have fun!

annual pole dancing events

There are some established events that occur every year. Some of them are:

  • The Pole Expo. This HUGE and FUN event occurs every year in the fall in Las Vegas and people from all over the globe attend this. This 3-day event includes tons of FREE workshops from stretching to aerial arts, meet-and-greet with some of the known pole artists from around the world, exposure to new products, and much, much more. 
  • The US Pole Dance Federation Annual Championships event is where the top 10 pole artists videos are selected and those artists perform in a competition setting. The submission guidelines are listed here. 
  • American Pole Fitness Championships which is held in New York City and men and women artists are allowed to compete
  • United Kingdom Pole Dancing and Fitness Convention is a 3-day event held in the fall where you can take workshops, watch the competition events, check out the products, get a sports massage or check out the daily showcase events. 

international pole dance competitions

  • World Pole Dance
  • Pole Art, held in Northern Europe

how do I find out about events?

I don't post dates/times/locations of upcoming events, but you can follow most by:

  • Creating a free account at Studio Veena where she posts updates on events
  • Get on the mailing list of your local pole studio
  • Get on the mailing list of one of the annual events that you would like to attend
  • Check out Pole World News. 
  • Come to this site and find links to all of the pole dance organizations here!

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