Pole Dancing Equipment


Having and using quality pole dancing equipment is essential to your learning experience as well as your safety.

Pole dancing equipment includes more than a dance pole. You will need the proper clothing, the right kind of shoes for climbing and training (or no shoes is better than the wrong ones), a crash mat, a cleaner for your pole and some type of grip aid for your hands (optional). Other equipment includes a crash mat and shoes for climbing and training.

Pictured above is my stainless steel Lil Mynx, a rubber pad underneath it (I have tile floors), my training bag, my training journal, booty shorts, tank, clear plastic stripper heels, grip aids (I like Mighty Grip and Tite Grip), vinyl pole gloves, my cleaning solution from Aerial Empowerment mixed with alcohol in a spray bottle and a lint-free glass-cleaning cloth. 

Pole Dancing Equipment

  • A pole. When you choose your pole dancing gear, make sure and look for the best quality for your budget. One thing you should not skimp on is your choice of pole. Getting a cheap or inexpensive dance pole can be more detrimental to your training than helpful if you want to start learning to spin or climb and especially if you want to invert or do any of the advanced tricks. 

Here is my opinion on the best starter pole for beginners or for the dancer who has been waiting to purchase her first pole.

  • A good pole cleaner and cloth. For cleaning your pole, you will need a low-lint, clean cotton cloth with an alcohol-based cleaner such as 99% rubbing alcohol, vodka, Windex or the best cleaner that produces the best grip for even stainless steel poles: Aerial Empowerment's grip aid. 
  • A crash mat is a good option for the beginner who is learning to climb or invert for the first time. The thicker, the better. Thick pillows can be used as well, although I do not think they are as absorbent for shock from a fall like a 6" thick crash mat would be.
  • Plastic stripper shoes or boots or trainer shoes are a good choice also if you are learning to climb or doing a lot of aerial work. The plastic helps you to 'stick' better to the pole, providing more grip for your points of contact.
  • Grip aids for your hands include gloves, powder grip aid such as Might Grip or if you have sweaty palms, an anti-perspirant such as Tite-Grip or Dryhands.

More fun pole dancing equipment

There's always something new in pole, as this is a new and every-changing and growing industry. A new product I'd like to introduce you to if you haven't tried it is Polesilks, a unit of a metal hinge and silks that you can use to suspend on, learn tricks with, dance with and do all sorts of creative and dramatic movement right on your pole. 

Read more about it, check out some photos and videos of Polesilks here!

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