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Watching pole dancing clips is a lot of fun...I usually get on YouTube (along with everyone else!) and look for new clips and new moves to try. There are also a few great movies with pole dance scenes in them. Check out my Top 10 movies with sexy dance scenes in them:)

Since pole dancing has become more popular, more dancers are posting recordings of their practices and performances online. It's also a great way to get feedback on how you are doing in your routines.

The pole dancing community is friendly also (maybe not everyone on YouTube though! Sometimes nasty comments are posted - not cool) can post a video and ask for help in learning moves also.

A good place to post your videos for feedback on Studio Veena's site where you can open a free account and participate in the forums there, add photos and videos of yourself as well as participate in the monthly challenges. 

some of my favorite pole dancing clips

This is one of my favorite videos...and it went viral on Youtube from Ukraine Got Talent. She is being called the world's best...that is subjective but I really, really like her style personally. 

I also love Michula fom Antix Fitness. She is strong, sexy, bad-azz and a WONDERFUL instructor. This woman has so much control of her body when she is on the pole. I had her make me some instructional videos in the past and they are so very complete and high quality I'm still learning things from them. I hope she'll make a DVD series one of these days. 

Here is a clip made by my beautiful friends over at Pole World News:

Your own pole dancing clips

You can create and post your videos of:

  • Your practices, since video recording your prgress is an important part of reaching your goals, correcting your mistakes and gaining better skills
  • Your performances. You can look at these and see where you can make improvements, record for your progress as well.
  • You can share them for feedback or share them on your blog or personal Facebook page to share your love of pole
  • Or keep them private for yourself like a video training log. (you can also do a written training log for your pole dancing as well. I have a free template you can download and use here.)

learning from pole dancing clips

Are you just starting out in pole dance or still learning spins and tricks? Or maybe want some ideas on putting a routine together?

  • There are lots of free tutorials on the web that give some really good instruction. 
  • You can also learn from online classes. There are high-quality, full-length, clear and correct instructional online lessons you can choose from.
  • There are also several DVD collections to choose from including beginners all the way to super Pantera-style advanced tricks. 
  • You can take a class at your local studio as well and get live instruction, make some new pole friends, maybe even find a pole buddy to workout with:)
  • Here are some ideas on how to create a sexy pole dance routine as well. 

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