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As the pole fitness craze grows, magazines and websites are publishing some very good pole dancing articles that are exploring the changing art of pole as well as featuring dancers and studios, new types of classes, ways to improve your fitness, and all of the new resources.

I will post links to the articles that I think would interest you and also post links to online websites that contain other related articles that would benefit you as a beginning, professional or instructive pole dancer!

If you come across any articles or websites that you think might be relevant, helpful or informative or add to our discussions here, please post them below and I will make a link to them from this site.

Thanks and happy reading!

Pole Dancing Magazines

  • There are also some high quality magazines that are being published such as Pole Spin magazine and you can get a free copy at this link. This is the first American-published magazine for pole dancers and it is incredible! I bought the first copy that was published and was very impressed. The photos are amazing and the content is good and relevant.
  • There is also the U.K. published Pole2Pole which covers around-the-world poling. The photography is beautiful and the coverage really good.
  • Vertical Art and Fitness is also a printed publication that you can subscribe to. 

Pole Dance Bloggers Association

This online blogging group is an awesome collection of men and women who all have a blog that you can follow easily. The blogs address a myriad of topics including social issues, personalities, tips and techniques, personal stories and much, much more. 

Here is a listing of links to each of the PDBA members and their blogs:


Pole Harmony

Stephanie NoApologies

Online Articles

  • This article, playfully titled "Are You a Stripper?" is a good slant on the question asked many times when you mention the two words 'pole' and 'dance' together...and then say that's what you like to do!

I will include links to many articles that I find interesting and relevant to you as a pole dancer in this 'baby' database that will definitely grow as my reading and uncovering of 'gems' of information for us grows!

You can also read lots of pole dancing articles on Facebook, eHow, About, Suite101 and other online article databases. 

My Interviews with Instructors, Celebrities and Students

Read about more pole dance instructors and studios here:

Christen Tranchito and Movement Matters Health & Fitness

Gabrielle Gumbs and Aphrodite Pole Dance Fitness 

Jennifer Michelle and Pole Skivvies

Kristin Mason and Unveiled Fitness

Zara Groves and Sharp Shooters Pole Dancing School 

Mirella Martinez and Polesque Vixens

Natasha Wang, 2011 USPDF Champion

Would you like to tell us your pole dance story?

Tell us how you got involved in the world of pole dance...whether you have just took your first class, have created a video on YouTube to share, sell pole dance clothing, or have won a contest, we want to know!

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