Learn pole dance tricks...
I didn't say it was easy!!!

Pole Dancing DVDs

Learning pole dance tricks is the epitome of pole dancing...to be able to invert and levitate and spin and do it over and over!!! And they make it look so graceful!!! Ugh!!!

(Which you will be saying when you start trying an aerial routine for the first time...or tenth time...)

But it takes work, lots of hard work, dedication, many hours and days and sometimes years of practice to get those tricks down to a fluid motion of amazingly beautiful and breathtaking art...woooowwww...we all breathe upon watching Jeyne Butterfly, Felix Cane or Pantera perform a routine.

Pole dance tricks have been given many different names over time and the same trick may have two or three different names, depending on who is doing the naming!

The Pole Fitness Association has produced a clear and concise visual glossary of pole tricks... moves that you will find in your pole journeys are given many different names by various individuals and associations.

But I think that this glossary is an attempt to standardize the sport's movements, much like soccer or basketball have standard names for the moves that are performed within the sport.

Click here to view how to perform more basic pole dance spins. Ready to try some advanced tricks? Make certain that you have built sufficient core strength as well as upper body strength. You should be able to hold yourself up on the pole by your arms only, have a strong invert without having to kick and be able to engage your scapula and biceps when holding or moving yourself around on the pole.

Don't hang from your shoulders or arms; mindfully engage your back muscles. Try these strengthening exercises before moving on to learning advanced tricks and inversions.

Below are links to "how to do" various spins and tricks:

Aerial Invert

Armpit Hold; Fang

Back Hook Spin

Back Spiral Spin


Brass Monkey

Butterfly; Basic Butterfly


Carousel Kick; Carousel Climb

Caterpillar; Pole Pounce

Chair Spin

Cross Ankle Release

Fan Kick; Windmill

Fireman; Firefly; Fairy Spin

Full Bracket

Helicopter; The Chopper; Inverted V

Inverted Crucifix

Iron X

Open V Invert

Shoulder Mount Inversion

Shoulder Mount Prance

Side Spiral; Corkscrew; Body Spin; Tuck Spin

Wrist Sit; Hello Boys; Eye Opener

Gemini; Inside Leg Hang

Pole Splits

Stag Spin


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