Pole Dance Studios Burundi

Learning a pole trick at home.

There are no listings for pole dance studios Burundi currently.

Although I wasn't able to find any listings for pole dancing in this area, not to worry! 

The good news is that this is new territory wide-open for someone to start a pole dance group or studio. 

There is the possibility that a new group or studio is starting and they just haven't made their information public yet. Keep checking back here or contact me at the bottom of this page. 

No pole dance studios Burundi?

Here are some ideas for those in areas where there are no classes to learn pole dancing:

  • Get your own pole and start learning from a DVD or book
  • Join an online pole dance group and learn from the videos there
  • Learn from YouTube
  • Skype with a fellow poler you meet online
  • Create your own group of local people that are interested in learning
  • Reach out to your local gyms or dance studios with your request to find pole dance fitness classes or a studio. You never know! You may find interest there. 
  • Most of all, don't be discouraged or give up! Many of us are self-taught. 

You CAN learn to pole dance on your own!

Pole dancing in Burundi is possible! Just because there is no studio nearby is not a reason that should stop you from learning. The benfits to learning this awesome sport are endless!

  • It's FUN! Addicting even :)
  • It is always, always challenging. There is always something new to learn
  • Amazing side benefits are weight loss, toning, strength and flexibility
  • You make wonderful friends in the pole community
  • Try pole dancing in Burundi on your own and SEE how far you can go on your own - You can do it! 

Tips for learning on your own

  • You can also search for a studio nearer to you that maybe you can attend once a month and let the instructor know where you are from - he or she can also possibly help you with material that you have been learning on your own. Search the directory here.
  • Here are some pole freebies here!
  • Start your very own pole dance class in Burundi! and please be sure to notify me of any pole dance studios Burundi :)

Do you want to add a studio to our directory?

Do you know of a pole dance studio that is not listed here? Do you own or instruct at a studio that is not listed here? Contact me with this form and I would be happy to feature you and your studio in our directory!

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