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I wanted to include a pole dance shop for you to kind of centralize all of the items that I talk about and review in this site, like poles, heels, shorts, tanks, grip aids, instructional videos and moves that have great pole dance scenes.

There's also fun stuff like little USB flash drives with a pole dancer and a mouse pad, not to mention wall decals and license plate frames. You can also look at the pricing on different types of poles here. Most of the  prices here are exactly the same as what you pay on the individual manufacturer's sites. 

Check out my pole dance store and have fun finding a deal!

pole dance heels

Pole Dance Heels: Shoe-heaven! Find heels of all heights, colors, textures and styles...from basic clear or black vinyl heels to flashy glitter and light up shoes. There's something for every pole dancer here!

dance poles

Dance Poles: Find your perfect dance pole from removable to stationary, 40 mm - 50 mm diameters, chrome to brass finishes, colored poles, light up poles and poles that scream 'Come and play on me!!!' 

pole shorts

Pole Dance Shorts: Find your perfect pair! All colors, sizes and fabrics, you can find a pair that will fit you in more ways than one - you want a comfy pair of shorts to cover just enough for you to have maximum skin exposure yet feel comfortable in. 

pole dance tanks

Pole Dance Tank Tops: A tank is an essential for pole...unless you are comfy wearing a sports bra top! Yeah for showing off those abs! Find your perfect tank here, from basic cuts and colors to tanks with fun pole dance slogans.

pole bra tops

Pole Dance Sport Bra Tops: When I started wearing sport bra tops, I made further progress in my poling than just wearing a tank. No six-pack on me, either! Skin exposure helps. Find a comfy, stylish bra-top here!

pole dance boots

Pole Dance Boots: Some call this cheating, but I sure love the look and feel of a flashy, shiny boot! They do help you stick to the pole better and they look incredibly HOT! Find a pair that you can have fun with here!

grip aids

Grip Aids: Find your perfect grip aid or combination of these to help you to stick to the pole better! There are powders, creams, waxes, gloves and tacky feet grips for you to try and find what works best for you!

dance pole cleaners

Our poles build up sticky residue (Which is sometimes good!) but other times, oils, sweat and products build up on them and they need a good cleaning! Here is a great variety of cleaners and cloths for to keep your pole in tip-top shape.

books on pole dance

Pole Dance Books: Check out the variety of books on pole dance, from instructional to stories of pole dancers.

instructional dvds

There's a wide variety of instructional pole dance DVDs today including all levels, from simple, basic instruction and demonstration, to advanced level training. Also instruction on flexibility, strength training and routine preparation as well!

music for pole dancing

There's a ton to choose from! Here are some albums that you can start with or choose individual mp3s and create your own playlist...from rock and metal to dubstep and classic, find your own style or mix it all up to create your own!

pole dance movies

There are a lot of movies with pole dance scenes that are fun to watch and get inspiration from...I love "Yellow" "Striptease" and "Dancing at the Blue Iguana"! You can get them pretty cheap here, too. 

more fun pole stuff

OMG I love some of these fun a bottle opener with a pole dancer on it, keychains, car and wall decals as well as dash toys. Have fun!

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