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Why not share your pole dance pics with other readers? Hey, face it...once you learn those dramatic poses and tricks you wanna show off!

You can take your own photos, have a friend take them of you or have a professional photographer take a series of dramatic poses of you!

It's worth taking a look at some of the talented photographers like London-based Millie Robson who captures pole dancers and performers on film.

Boudoir photography is also popular with pole dance studios who offer shoots for their students. These photo shoots might include hair and make-up as well as a half-hour shoot for about $100-300.

The price is well worth some of the beautiful pictures of yourself that you will end up with. You can make a photo album of your moves and tricks or give them as gifts.

Share your pictures with us is simple! Just fill in the required info like your name and a title for your photo then upload the picture from your computer. This will create a link on this page to your very own webpage on my site! 

Do you have a pole dance photo you want to share?

We all love to show off once we start learning to pole sculpts your body, increases your sensuality and confidence...and it is fun to strike a pose in a trick that took a lot of work to learn!

Share it with us here...

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Rose Wallace 
I Have Been Learning Pole Dancing For 3 years and love it that much that i decided to open my own pole dance fitness studio in April!! :-)

Twisted Grip Handspring and Shoulder Mount Double  Not rated yet
Self taught pole fitness mother of two:)

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