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How to Do a Basic Pole Dance Invert

Doing a pole dance invert for the first time is a great rush!!! I remember the first time that I learned how to go upside down. It was incredible!!!

I had practiced learning many basic spins and also how to climb the pole for six weeks. I had also developed a good amount of core strength, something that you definitely need before attempting to invert. That core strength will help you to get up on the pole, hold you on the pole so that you don't fall and help you to dismount without injuring yourself...or anyone around you!

I will include some basic instruction and tips as well as a video demonstration by Pole Dance Community that shows the move.

Safety precautions for attempting an invert for the first time:

  • Don't kick up to get on the pole; if you are doing this, you need to develop your abs/back/core more
  • Learn to pull yourself up onto the pole with "pole ups"
  • Learn how to invert from the floor first; in this way you will know how the pole feels squeezed between your legs and how your body weight will feel being held this way
  • Remember your pelvis leads the way up into an inverted position, not your feet. This takes core strength. Incorporate these exercises into your training before you start to invert. 
  • You need to mentally think about going upside down; don't try and keep your head up; think about your head going down and your feet going up; it is unnatural to be in this position so it will take some deliberate thinking
  • Try learning without shoes first; when you are very comfortable doing a basic invert without shoes, you can try it in your heels
  • If you feel the pole is too slippery between your leg points of contact, try dabbing some iTac, Mighty Grip or other grip aid on those spots
  • Make sure that your skin is dry and clean and that you have no oils or lotions that have been put on in the prior 8 hours
  • Use control when dismounting. You don't want to jump off, slide off to fast or definitely don't want to fall. Slide down slowly or check out the various ways of dismounting..

Here are some preparatory exercises from DirdyBirdy's youtube channel video:

Here are also some variations on the basic invert:

Aerial Invert

Cross Ankle Release

Inverted Crucifix

Open V Invert

Shoulder Mount Invert

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