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If you are interested in becoming a pole dance instructor, there are a few ways to get pole dance instructor training.

Start learning pole dance on your own

  • I think one of the best ways to learn is in a classroom setting with a good instructor who can help you not only learn proper technique but to motivate you to go just a little bit further in your efforts as well as show you how to teach a class. I always seemed to push myself a bit further when I was in a class setting because I received encouragement from the other students and instructor and also saw women all around me doing what I didn't think I could do! That in itself was great encouragement to keep trying some of those moves that seemed to rip my skin off and push right through my bone!
  • Another way to learn is to get together with a friend who is also learning or knows how to pole dance and perform advanced moves. You can help each other spot, keep proper form and encourage and motivate one another. I have a 'pole buddy' who if it was not for her, at the time I may have not tried a Scorpio! She helped me to push through the pain that left a HUGE bruise on the inside of my thigh. But, boy was I proud of myself for learning!

Get CPR/AED Certified

  • Getting certified in CPR and first aid will help you in your fitness career as most certifications will require that you have this. You need to know what to do in case of a medical emergency, a fall, someone passes out while instructing them, et cetera

Get a Fitness Certification/License

  • Getting a certification in general fitness from ACE, ISSA or ACTION (free!) will help you to learn and understand how the body works, what muscles are where, how to set up a fitness regimen for an individual as well as where to get insured for your work
  • Some pole instructor certification programs also require that you have this license first

Enroll in a Certification Program

  • Buying a membership at a reputable pole studio as well as asking if they have a certification program will head you in the right direction also.
  • Certification programs will most likely follow a few months of learning basic spins, climbs, inverts and tricks; then you will (or should) learn safety, how to teach others, and how to start your own studio or business.

Find work as a Pole Dance Instructor

  • The best way to find work in this business is through word of mouth. I haven't come across any real job boards for instructors this field of fitness
  • Stick with a studio - you never know when they will need help. 
  • Volunteer at your local studio. You will not only learn, you will be first in line when help is needed
  • Start teaching provate lessons. If you have a removable pole, you can go to clients homes or they can come to your home studio or a location where you rent.
  • Start your own studio. This is a bit more involved as it takes some planning, strategy and other parts of operating a business such as marketing and getting through municipal red tape to get a fitness center or pole dance studio opened. 

Check out my FAQ on becoming a certified pole dance instructor as well as how to get started in your instructor career!

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