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Get your pole dance freebies here! Who doesn't like free??? I know I do. 

Here are a few free downloads or related sites where you can get free pole stuff...like enter for a contest giveaway, get access to free dictionaries of pole trick positions or even fun things like a Valentine's Pole Dance card!

The Pole Fitness Association, an organization working to bring standardization to this industry and the sport of pole dance, has a visual dictionary of many pole trick positions. This is the free version from 2010, and I believe it may be updated now and for sale on their website for $50. 

Click on the image or here to get your freebie dictionary!

I have a couple of free downloads that I think you would find FUN in the least. One is The Pole Diet, a downloadable eBook that has a LOT of great information about your diet while poleing - or any workout program for that matter - how to eat, what to eat, when to eat.

The other is a fun book I wrote when starting to get into pole dance called "How To Get the Body of a Stripper!" 

I thought it was fun because I secretly envied the pole dancers bodies I would see. But I see clearly now just HOW they get them! Pole dance is challenging and pushes you to get that hard body.

I also have another free eBook for you, "Cross Training for Pole Dancers" that includes a lot of good information as well as ideas on how to round out your training to become a better pole dancer. 

If you have been bored, frustrated or burned out or suffered injuries from poling, check this book out as it goes over what sports are best for different areas of your body as well as injury prevention planning. 

I also found a couple of other outstanding resources for us to use while we are learning. 

One is the online syllabus created by Pole Dance Community. It contains over 250 demonstrations, like a live dictionary of all of the pole tricks and moves you can think of. It also has a pause and slow motion play feature to really be able to watch where the model is making contact with the pole. 

The other great pole dance freebies I found is the Pole Dance Dictionary. This is also a 'live' dictionary where you create a free account to use all three of the dictionaries. They have one for Circus, one for workout moves and one for pole dance moves!

Just the sheer number of moves are amazing. (Click on any of the images to access the links.)

You can also join Studio Veena's online forum for free but have to pay a subscription to access her lessons. At about $9 a month, it is WELL worth it. Her lessons are very clear, high quality and thorough. 

There is a cute downloadable card you can print that has a pole dancer on it...from www.poledancingadventures.com. 

Have a smartphone? There is a FREE Pocket Pole Studio app now created by Adam Jay that you can learn from while on the go...or waiting in line somewhere. It has a limited number of moves on it right now but he plans on building it up to over 100 tricks, spins and poses. 

You can sign up for email updates to the app on the website.

Not sure what certain words in the world of pole mean? Want to learn some real 'pole lingo'? Check out the Pole Urban Dictionary and learn what words like 'polegasm' and 'ass mountain' mean!

Here is a link to get a free copy for you of my "100 Affirmations for Pole Dancers" written from my heart. I hope you enjoy it.

This freebie is not directly pole-related, but I think it is relevant for us that use pole dance as a way to get healthier, fitter and lose weight. It is the Weight Loss Meditation mp3 from Guided Mind. If you have never used or listened to guided meditations, they are in my experience, very,very powerful. You can read more about how they scientifically work on your mind at Guided Mind's site.

I also have a couple of free written meditations, one that I wrote and another that it awesome to use before doing a routine or a performance. On my meditation for pole dance page there is also a link to listen to a FREE guided meditation for body awareness - which ties directly into you dance - in iTunes. 

Here is my Pole Dance Training Journal page that you can download, print and keep in a 3-ring binder to keep records of your training. (It is just a black-and-white page/guide and you can find a pretty binder to keep them in.) When embarking on any fitness journey, I think it is crucial - and this has been proven - to be effective in helping you reach your goals, whatever they are. There is power in writing your goals down, but also as important is tracking your progress.

There is a section on the page that helps you to follow through with warming up, stretching, adding in strength training, et cetera. There is also a section for what you practiced that day, new goals, what music you used, if you video recorded your progress and a place for thoughts and feelings about your practice and dance. Never leave out how you felt, this helps for planning future workouts, maybe tweaking the time of day or what you did during practice.

There are also pole dancing freebies such as free giveaways each month from Susan at www.pole-dancing-for-fitness.com as well as free QUALITY online lessons from other sites such as Tantra Fitness and Premier Pole Online.

Also, look through my pole dancing site here for many pole dancing freebies (mostly information and videos) such as tutorials and step-by-step instructions on how to learn moves, how to prepare for pole dancing even if you don't have a pole yet, how to choose the best pole for you, the best shoes for you, what to use for more skin/hand grip and the DVD collection I have learned from. 

Feel free to share any of these items with your friends, pole buddies or students. Happy poling!

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