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As pole dancing as a fitness venue becomes more popular, more pole dance fitness studios are opening up and offering women an alternative route to becoming fit-the fun way! Most fitness studios offer women-only classes although some may offer co-ed classes.

Many studios offer lap dance, chair dance, striptease and burlesque classes as well as pole classes! Check with the studio nearest you to see if they offer these classes.

I have tried to gather the most comprehensive listing of studios in the United States and will work on providing an international list as well in the future. If you do not see a studio that you are aware of listed here, please forward me the studio name and contact information on my contact page.

But, before you get started, check out this list on what to look for in a studio . Not all studios are the same, not all instructors are the same and since there is no standardized certification and rule book yet for studios or instructors, look out for yourself. 

I have to give it to many of these hard-working instructors, though. They are wonderful women who love pole and want to share it with you very much!

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listing of pole fitness studios located there by city. 




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