Using a pole dance dvd to learn on your own if you don't have the good fortune of living near a great studio. Learning from one of the many collections is a good choice also if you like a little privacy when trying soomething new, especially something as risque as pole dancing! (At least to some people...)

A pole dancing dvd can range from showing you how to learn the simple moves to attempting the more advanced tricks as you become stronger and some are great fun to just watch and inspire yourself.

(Here is Sheila Kelley, creator of the S Factor and a GREAT beginner dvd to learn pole :)

Here I will list my favorites from my collection:

My collection includes the following dvd's: 

Pole Tricks 101 - The Ultimate Pole Dancing Training Video

Pantera is other way to say it. I enjoy watching her walk on the ceiling in the introduction to this dvd. She demonstrates, in my opinion, more advanced moves but is clear in her instruction and demonstration.

Pole Katz: Step By Step Pole Dancing Tricks 

The Pole Katz are a lot of fun to watch! At the end of the dvd they both do routines using the moves shown in the recording. There are spins and advanced inversions such as The Fang.

S Factor : Polework 101 By Shela Kelley 

This is a great beginner video as Sheila shows five different moves including a very good 20-minute sensual floorwork warm-up. I highly recommend this for anyone starting out.

PoleCats I: Beginning Pole Dancing

PoleCats is a great dvd to start your pole dance journey with as well as the creator has a strong foundation of the physiology behind pole dance movement. This dvd includes basic exotic dance moves, 20 spins, as well as how to climb and invert.


Dr. Amy has a great dance style all of her own and I have learned a little more sensuality in my dance from her. She also shows great spins and a routine. The exercise band is very good for stretching and working your important shoulder muscles.

The Art of Exotic Dancing: Striptease Series - Pole Dancing 

Fawnia is the pioneer of the sport of pole dancing..she has an incredible award-winning physique that I aspire to!!! She demonstrates both beginner and more strength-demanding moves in this recording.

Get Sexy Fit - In 10 Minutes - Lap Dance and Pole Dance (Special Release - 2 Editions in 1)

Vertical Dance Workout: Let's Get Vertically Fit! Vol. 1 - Beginner to Intermediate

Pole Dancing for You 

I learned my first invert from this dvd! I did it all on my own after watching the basic inversion demonstration in this recording over and over...I finally got it!! Highly recommended...the moves here are pretty simply shown and easy to grasp. I highly recommend this one for beginners. But she also shows some pretty cool combination spins too.

Leigh Ann's Pole DVD Series 

This series by Leigh Ann Orsi (Reilly) includes workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced pole dancers as well as fitness conditioning, stretching and using resistance bands and foam rollers.

I have also ordered private recorded lessons from Michula Nunez at Antix Fitness in Redlands, California.

You can purchase most of my recommendations below.

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