Ever think about entering a
pole dance competition?

Well, here is your golden opportunity...and a complete listing of the competitions worldwide.

Just attending a pole dance competition is an experience in itself and will inspire you as a beginner or already professional dancer to become better...and you might even pick up a few new moves to incorporate into your routines. 

pole dance competition
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Thinking about entering as a competitor?

There's a lot of commitment, dedication and hard, hard work in order to prepare and be ready to compete in a pole dance competition. Check out my list of tips for preparing for a pole competition here and what to expect, what to bring with you on your first pole dance competition day.

Some competitions, such as the one hosted by the US Pole Dance Federation, allows amateurs to get a start on getting recognized in the world of poling by entering the amateur rounds.

Competitions such as the International Pole Championship includes both male and female divisions for competing.

Some states host their own competitions such as the popular California Pole Dance Championship and host some amazing athletes like Felix Cane! 

United States 

American Pole Fitness Championships 
California Pole Dance Championship 
East Meets West Competition 
Miss Southern Regional Pole Dance Fitness 
Miss Xpose Fitness 
Pole Goddess Competition 
The Great Midwest Competition 
US Pole Dance Federation 


Aerial Pole International 
International Pole Championship 
World Pole Sport Fitness 


Miss Pole Dance Argentina 


Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships 
Miss Pole Dance Australia 


Belgium Pole Dance Championship 


Miss Pole Dance Brazil 


Miss Pole Dance Canada 


China Pole Dance Championship 


European Pole Dance Champion 


Italian Pole Dance Championship 


Pole Stars Talent Showcase 

New Zealand 

Central Pole Dance Championship 


Pole Dance Federation Russia 
Russian Pole Dance & Fitness Federation 


Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland 

United Kingdom 

Pole Unity 
Miss Pole Dance UK 
The British Isles Pole Dance Champion 
The Essex Pole Dancing Competition 


Miss Pole Dance Venezuela 

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