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The new Pole Dance Community Pole Dancing Fitness Syllabus is now available!

In a CD-ROM form, the syllabus contains the 5 levels of the PDC grading system and over 250 moves and tricks that can be viewed in full screen mode, normal, slow and super-slow motion.

You can use the syllabus FREE online now! You can also order in printed book form (it's big...over 3,000 images!) or just buy the CD-ROM and have it available even if you don't have internet access. 

The moves include the Crucifix Twist, the Layout, the Tango Kick, Dangerous Brian, Fairy Walk, Dolphin Spin, Emotion, Airwalk, Full Moon and many, many more.

The slowing down function allows you to be able to view the points of contact as well as the motions of the move.

Each trick also comes with notes and can be added to your own list and saved for later reference.

When you sign up with PDC, you receive a "passport" in which your grades for each level are recorded.

PDC has an internationally recognized certification for pole dancers.

You can film your performance and have it graded by a PDC instructor or go to a PDC approved studio and have the instructor grade you there.

After successful competion of the performance, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your success.

I found the syllabus to be actually quite inspiring...even if you are not yet a member of PDC and shooting for recognition from the organization, this is an awesome tool to use to familiarize yourself with all of the various moves that can be learned.

This is good for beginners as well as for those who are advanced or learning advanced tricks. I like it because it also divides the moves into 5 different levels so that if you are self-taught, you can get a good idea of where moves are categorized.

In other words, learning and mastering the moves outlined in Level 1 should be done before going on to the next level or attempting the more advanced tricks.

This tool is NOT to be used as an instructional dvd; this is only an outline, listing and demonstration of the moves and tricks that can be learned.

In all, the PDC syllabus is an EXCELLENT resource that every serious pole dancer should own!

The CD-ROM costs approximately $20 and can be ordered here. 

Here is an example of several Level 1 techniques by a PDC instructor:

Here is a video clip of how pole dancers are graded:

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