Here are the pole dance basic spins

Pole dance basic spins bring beauty and grace into your routine with all that whirling twirling motion. Spins are the of some first pole tricks that beginners will learn and you can actually make a whole pole dance routine just out of spins and transitions!

Check out these pole dance move guides to help you learn the names of pole dance moves, spins, tricks and poses.

Here is a basic list of spins that I have found with videos that demonstrate each move:

Back Spiral; Reverse Grab; Pendulum

Boomerang; Carousel Straddle; Open Leg; Open V

Chair Spin

Fireman; Firefly; Fairy

Front Hook Spin; Ballerina; Flyer

Backhook; Goddess; Half-Pint

Side Spiral; Corkscrew; Body spin; Tuck spin

Stag Spin; Ballerina; Attitude; Sunwheel

Carousel-Straddle; Open-V

Diamond Toes; Peter Pan

Front Hook

Hook and Roll; Rock your Bottom

Pike Passe Legs

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