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I think of Platinum Stages as a one-stop-shop for pole dancers. You can find almost any type of pole from free-standing to stationary. You can also find dance stages that are easy to assemble and are also portable.

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The poles come in stainless steel, polished chrome, and brass; multi-piece and one-piece; spinning and static (non-spinning) and both; widths from 1.75" to 2"; for flat ceilings and vaulted (adapter used); and for ceiling heights up to 12 feet.

This company is one of the first to offer portable and non-invasive dance poles such as the free-standing pole with the circular mat and the dance stage with a pole in the center.

The stages are sturdy and come with a variety of lighting options, different types of surfaces such as a mirrored surface that reflects light great and a transparent surface that lets the lights beneath show through.

Shoes, training DVD's, sexy furniture, and dance lights can also be purchased here too.

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