Pike Spin


The Pike Spin, also called the Pipe Spin, is a wonderful pole dance move for building your abdominal strength. It is like hanging leg lifts but having fun while doing it!

Most of all of your weight is being held by one arm on this spin while your second arm hold you away from the pole.

There are a few basic steps to learning this spin:

  1. Your dominant hand/arm is high up on the pole, shoulders down and engaged.
  2. Use your outside leg for momentum. Swing it out wide from the pole.
  3. Once your spin starts use your inside hand to hold your body away from the pole. Don't grip the pole with your hand otherwise it will bring your body in too close to the pole and the spin will not work
  4. Lift both of your legs up immediately, keeping them close together and extended, toes pointed as always!
  5. You can stay and spin in this position to the floor or land in a chair position with your feet on the floor. 

Tips to Learn the Pole Dance Pike Spin

  • Learn the regular Chair Spin first
  • Make sure and keep your legs straight, together and toes pointed anything other than this will take away the aesthetics of the move!
  • This is a good exercise for your core (abs and mid/lower back muscles) and hip flexors, the muscles that hold your legs up in position
  • A good transition to use at the end of the spin is to move up into a pirouette and continue on into another move.
  • This is a great spin to develop your core before you move into inverting.
  • Don't be discouraged if you cannot perform this move at first. The regular Chair Spin is a precursor to this trick.

Here is a video by Pole Dance Community that demonstrates the spin:

Pike Spin > Pole Dance Spins!

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