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The Peekaboo Dance Pole is a fun gift - but it's not fun for learning pole dancing! Check out the peekaboo stripper pole here and you will see why...

It is NOT designed to hold a weight load for spinning, climbing and doing advanced tricks. This is more a novelty to dance around without a lot of weight or force being exerted on it. 

I have seen some friends secure them with bolts and wood blocks to their ceilings and floors which made them more secure, but still, this is not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions on installation and I would personally not recommend doing this. 

(You can still get an affordable pole though to start really learning with. Check out my page on best starter stripper poles here).

It is a great gift to possibly introduce someone (or yourself)to the idea of pole dancing or for entertaining your man...but not for performing tricks on!

The strength and durability are just not there. This stripper pole is not designed for carrying more weight than pulling against a little and definitely not for inverting or performing tricks on.

But if you do want to get one just for fun, trying out a few sexy dance moves or putting on a special show for a special someone, check out my sexy dancing pages that give some good ideas on types of sexy dancing styles as well as how to give a lap dance that you can use along with your little pole dance!

If you are looking to buy a dance pole for workout or learning pole dancing on, then look into the X-Pole, Lil' Mynx or Platinum Stages for higher quality, more durability and stability to hold 200 or more pounds.

If you still want to purchase one because of the lower cost to play with or learn some sexy dance moves around it, you can buy one at several online retailers. 

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