Enjoy a Movie about Pole Dancing!


Watch a movie about pole dancing and get inspired...sometimes those Hollywood scenes include all of the glamor that we dream of...lights, cameras and action!

I have actually purchased some movies because I liked the pole dancing (and other sexy styles of dance!) scenes in them. Dancing at the Blue Iguana (2000) is one of my favorites. There are quite a few pole dance scenes in this one and you get the opportunity to "go" into a strip club and experience several different dance styles.

I've included some YouTube clips that are from each movie listed here that has a pole or lapdance scene it them. Also, check out my Top 10 Movies with Stripper Scenes in them...so fun and I always get inspired for my routines. 

A scene from "Dancing at The Blue Iguana" starring Sheila Kelly creator of the S Factor (this movie is where she got her inspiration!):

Showgirls (1995) is also a great movie with a pole dance, very hot lap dance scene and a lot of Las Vegas style show dancing.

Date Night (2010) is a fun movie that has a very funny pole dance scene in it:

Yellow (2007) is a movie about a Puerto Rican woman who moves to New York to follow her father's dream of being a classical dancer but in her journey ends up dancing at a strip club. There is some beautiful dancing in this one.

Hard Luck (2006) is an action-packed thriller-type movie but has a really cool pole dance and awesome lap dance scene in it. You could learn how to give a good lap dance just by watching this. Here is the clip with those scenes in it:

"Meet Monica Velour" is set to come out this year. Here is the trailer:

The Wrestler (2008) also has a lap dance and pole dance scene in it:

Welcome to the Rileys (2010) stars Kristen Stewart as an underage prostitute. There is a lap dance and pole dance scene in this movie.

And of course, we cannot forget about Demi Moore's performance in the movie Striptease (1996)

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