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Do you need some motivation for pole dancing? What keeps you going? I read a post online somewhere and it got me to thinking about this subject so I wrote the following thoughts and ideas on getting back that pep-in-our-pole-step. 

Why we lose motivation for pole dancing

Finding ways to keep motivated...

Here are some of the issues I have faced in losing my motivation for pole dancing at times.

·         Injury

 About a year ago I realized that my shoulders were screwed up – or at least one more than the other. I was at Pole Expo trying to enjoy my classes and there was a sharp pinching in my shoulders that I could not get rid of no matter what stretches I would do or how much hot water or massage I was getting. I finally went over to the Fit & Bendy kiosk and got my answers. I had been lifting weights with wrong form and developed forward rolling-rounded shoulders. I promptly bought the Shoulder School video and have since been rehabbing my shoulders with the help of the Ashley Black Fascia Blaster and my massage therapist.

·         Time off

Sometimes we just stop poling for whatever reason and it takes moving a mountain to get us back near that chrome or brass or steel partner. Exploring your reasons why you have not gone back to pole dancing and not being hard on yourself during this time is good. Pregnancy can fall into this category, new job/career demands, caring for someone else, you name it. 

·         Emotional issues

When I lost my husband all I could do was eat cake and pizza and drink lots of alcohol. I was trying to take the edge off of the pain until someone wisely told me that it was best if I just worked “through” my pain instead of trying to avoid or bury it. I slowly started changing my diet and turned to pole dancing again to release a lot of the emotional crap stored up in my body.

·         Life’s interruptions

Moving. Changing jobs. Changing schedules. Having to work night shifts. You name it, life can interrupt our little set routines. I know for myself, once I get into a routine – and that is not always the easiest, then it seems like moving a mountain to get back into a routine and find motivation for pole dancing.

·         Lost personal pole space

The house I was living in was being sold and I had this amazing pole space there that I had the privilege of having pole friends come over and talk about motivation and a ton of FUN! But moving from a house with almost 12’ ceilings to one with 8’ ceilings and a sub floor that seemed to constantly shift and the pole was always coming loose…screwed up my mojo and I just got so frustrated I finally took down my pole one day.

·         Lost pole community

This seems to be the worst for me. I had a neighbor and a good friend who is a more developed poler than I - she taught me so much, spotted me, gave me feedback – what else can you ask for? And I moved so far away that I realized she had helped motivate me so much in my pole progress. My home studio was now farther away so I felt I had lost that although we stayed in contact online. There is nothing that can replace the energy you feel when around your pole sisters (And brothers!) and hear their laughs, grunts and watch them sweat their way to victory.

·         Moved away from studio

Kind of covered that above – losing a local pole dance community can really hit home hard and almost hurt. Having a studio to attend is a blessing. Having a class to get ready for and look forward to showing off what you have worked on during the week or just looking forward to being around other pole dancers and learning new material is the best. Losing that is the pits.

·         Frustration with seeming lack of progress

I felt this with my injuries and weight gain. Getting/being sick can also add to this. Trying to nail down a move over and over and it not looking like you’re making any progress can really hinder sometimes. I felt like this when I was trying to get into an invert without kicking. I got so frustrated that I stopped inverting for almost 6 weeks until I could figure out how to get my body to tuck and get upside down that way – by just using my core. When I finally got it, there was nothing that could make me think I couldn’t make progress on learning another trick.

My heels are calling me...

What motivates me to keep poling

Here are some of the things that give me motivation:

·         Always having a new goal to work towards – progress on a pole trick/pose, measuring strength on holding myself on the pole

·         Being able to share with others who understand “get” the sometimes-excruciating hard work I just put in to get to that point!

·         Getting “hoorays” from my pole dance pals.

·         Looking at old photos and videos and seeing how far I have come

·         Getting ready for a performance or showcase

·         Getting a new pole dance outfit

·         Rewarding myself with yet ANOTHER pair of 7 or 8 inch heels! (Favorite treat is breaking them in…)

Ideas on what might help motivate you 

Here are some ideas I had to pass on that could possibly give you some motivation for pole dancing!

·         Entering a competition

·         Signing up for a showcase or performance

·         Before and after photos and videos

·         Keeping a training journal (here’s my free journal template)

·         Joining a studio. Here is my Global Pole Dance Studio Directory.

·         Joining an online pole community like Studio Veena or a closed Facebook pole page.

·         Sharing your videos, photos and progress on your own social media page.

·         Making a list of “pole goals” such as tricks you want to learn and progress towards them.

Other helpful resources

Here are some links to articles and pages that are centered around motivation for pole dancing.

What motivates you to keep pole dancing?

We all lose motivation at times - and we all have our ways of coming back stronger than ever! Share with us what helps you!

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