Light Up Dance Pole


A light up dance pole can be a pretty exciting and inspiring accessory for those times when you need a setting to inspire yourself or to put on a show of your hard work to your friends, at a pole party or a private show for that special someone! Using a light-up dance pole can create a fun, exciting club atmosphere.

This free-standing dance pole from Platinum Stages has a light-up base:

The Glow Pole is another way of adding some 'dance club' lights to the atmosphere of wherever your pole happens to be...turn your kitchen or bedroom into your performance stage! It is a stationary pole made by Platinum Stages that has an acrylic shell that is reinforced by a metal rod.

Platinum Stages custom cuts it to your ceiling height and has a 2 inch diameter. You can also set the lights to one color or to go through a sequence of flashing colors!

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