Leigh Anns Pole DVD series includes a beginner, intermediate and advanced pole workouts as well as stretching, using a foam roller, conditioning and fitness training for pole dancers.

Leigh Ann, a pole dancer since the age of 19, has competed and won 2nd place at the West Coast regional finals in 2010 and just won 3rd place at the USPDF nationals in 2011.

Her knowledge and expertise in pole movement, dance and martial arts brings us a quality set of workouts that will benefit you no matter what your level of poling is. She has a studio in California, BeSpun where performers such as Estee Zakar and Josiah Bad-Azz Grant and others have been trained. 

The videos also star the well-known pole dancers Alethea Austin and Amy Guion!

Here are a couple of clips from the video series:

You can purchase her dvds here:

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