Learn to Lap Dance!


To give a lap dance...a slow hovering of your body and all of its curves over him (he has to keep hishands off of course to make the game real!) letting him bask in your perfume while you swivel yourhips in front of his face...wow-wee! Talk about skills! 

Lapdancing is something that any woman can learn
 -not just to perform for a lover-but as a littlesecret up your sleeve...you could make him beg, couldn't you?

lap dance

Using an arm chair, the right speed, the perfect lap dance outfit and a series of classic lapdance moves can tone your arms, abs, hips and legs. This is not grinding; this is not sitting and moving around; this is work!

Here is my step-by-step lap dance routine that you can learn to do alone at first, practicing until the moves become second nature and then...try it on your partner!

Here are some more tips on how to give a HOT exotic lap dance! Pictures can be worth a thousand words...so a video can be worth a few thousand. Sometimes watching it demonstrated is easier to get then reading through the steps.

There are a few videos that show you how the moves are done...pay attention to the speed, the posture of the dancer, the way she holds her head, her hand actions...these all come into play as you are giving a dance and they speak of confidence. Don't have any confidence? The thought of doing this gives you butterflies?

Practice!!! Practice alone in front of a mirror or on an armchair with your eyes half-closed. Get into your music or your character. Get out of yourself!

This can be mimicked but once you get 'in touch' with your sensuality and the flow of the music and the feel of your own body moving...it is almost natural. Learning the moves is one thing; learning to go with the diva inside of you is another!

There are several ways to learn how to give a good erotic dance; you can take a class-not very many are offered! Contact a studio near you and ask if they offer exotic or lap dance instructions. Sometimes they are offered near Valentine's Day or Christmas.

Or there are several books and DVD's such as The S Factor 2: Intermediate with Lap Dance and Lap Dance Lessons that can be used to help you learn this special skill.

Here is an excellent clip that shows a how-to tutorial:

Lap Dance to more Sexy Dancing styles!

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