Inverted Crucifix

The Inverted Crucifix is an advanced pole dance trick that is not difficult to learn after you have mastered the basic invert. In learning this move, as with attempting any new trick, learn it from the floor first before trying it aerial. Follow all pole dance safety guidelines and use a crash mat and preferably a spotter.

Tips for Learning the Inverted Crucifix

In this move you will be holding all of your body weight with only your legs. Here are some tips for learning the Inverted Crucifix:

  • Master the basic invert first
  • Go into a basic invert position, then move yourself to where your sternum (front and middle of chest) is touching the pole
  • Do not let go of the pole with your hands yet; feel your weight in this position
  • Let go of the pole with one hand, placing it on the ground. Then let go of the pole with the other hand. Hold yourself in this position for a moment. Slowly dismount by gripping the pole between your thighs and gradually releasing to slide down. Keep your legs straight and rigid.
  • You can dismount also as shown in the video below.
  • When you feel more confident in your legs gripping the pole while inverted, let go of the pole just for a moment and hold again. This will help to build your confidence. Even if your hands are just an inch away from being able to grip the pole again, this lets you feel just your legs holding you.
  • When you are ready, let go of the pole and spread your arms out like an eagle or a crucifix, hence the name.
  • If you feel like you are slipping or are going to fall, always remember to tuck your chin towards your chest as to prevent neck injury.

Here is a video demonstrating the move learning it from the floor first:

This video shows one type of dismount:

Here is the dismount using both legs straightened:

You can also get into position this way and perform some 'back crunches' to strengthen your lower back:

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