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There are quite a few good fitness videos that will help you to round out your pole dance workout.

Learning and performing pole tricks is basically a strength-building exercise and you need to incorporate other types of exercises such as cardio and stretching.  

Dance workouts, yoga, gynmastics, strength and weight training, flexibility training and even strip tease workouts can all be used to help round out your routine.

Some of my favorites are Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease, Burlesque Beat with Rodney James and the Pussycat Dolls Workout. These are fun, keep me inspired and I get to learn new moves that I can incorporate into my pole dancing routines.

  • Workouts that are mainly cardio based will help you burn off excess body fat if used 3 or more times a week on a consistent basis
  • Strength training workouts can help you learn how to properly perform weight lifting exercises
  • Calisthenic workouts will help with strength and flexibility
  • Yoga workouts are excellent for flexibility, strength and recovery for your muscles
  • Core training workouts are probably the best workouts to add to your pole training. Building your abdominal and back muscles will be valuable when starting to invert and holding advanced poses. 

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