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A fitness pole, also referred to as a sport, dance, stripper or pole dancing pole can be used to learn pole tricks, spins and routines and get a demanding workout!

There are several types of poles available for home or studio use. Some of the most popular brands are Lil' Mynx, the X-Poleand Platinum Stages. They come in different finishes such as stainless steel, chromes steel, titanium gold and brass and also come with static and spinning features as well as removable and stationary.

Some of the poles are higher quality than others with the X-pole being considered one of the highest quality and most durable. There are pros and cons to each brand and it is well worth a few minutes of your time to check out each link and see what others have to say as well as the reviews that I have provided based on the features of each.

Here is a clip of the installation of the X Pole Sport Pole:

The Carmen Electra and Peekaboo pole types are of lesser quality and are not as safe and durable as the others mentioned above.

If you are looking at getting into pole dancing as a sport and spending more than a few minutes a week practicing and learning tricks and working out on it, then it is also in your best interest to purchase a pole of good quality.

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