How to do the Fireman Spin


The fireman spin is one of the first pole dancing moves that you will learn. It is also called the Basic Spin, Fairy or Firefly. I learned how to do this in a Stripper 101 class class in Las Vegas. One of the things I learned about doing spins is to not watch the room as I spin!!! Dizzy!!

Here are a couple of video clips that shows how the move is done:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Grasp the pole right above your head.
  2. Grasp the pole with your lower arm about waist high.
  3. Start walking sexy around the pole.
  4. Swing your outside leg out and in front of the pole.
  5. Bring your inside leg up to touch the pole with your shin.
  6. Let your momentum carry you around. 

Here are a couple of other video clips that demonstrate the spin as well. Sometimes I find it helpful to learn from a couple of teachers instead of one because there are slight differences in explaining how to do it.

Tips for Learning the Fireman Spin


  • Don't hold the pole too tightly in your hand. You want to keep your hold like on a wine glass but with enough grip to hold your weight and loose enough to let centrifugal motion carry your weight around.
  • Learning how to do a pirouette, as you learn in ballet, will help with this move as well, especially with going around in fast motion and also how to connect with your audience as you spin

Fireman Spin > Basic Pole Dance Spins

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