Fawnia Mondey, Pole Dancer,
Figure Athlete and Trainer


Fawnia Mondey, also known as just "Fawnia" is known as one of the pioneers in bringing pole dancing as a fitness venue to the masses of women through her instructional classes and DVD's.


Starting out as a bodybuilder and competing that way, she built her awsome physique...proving once again that weight-lifting for women does more to produce some beautiful lean curves than build bulk.

She started out as an exotic dancer as a career in the early 1990's and found that there was no formal training or classes to take to learn how to pole dance. Four years later she purchased a pole, started the first extoic dance school and started teaching pole and exotic dance.

Fawnia Mondey's DVDs

I own all of her DVD's and have learned quite a bit from this incredible woman, who is also the founder of the Pole Expo that happens every year in Las Vegas, Nevada (U.S.)

She also makes pole dancing friendly for all of us and challenges us no matter what level we are at. Her flexibility DVD shows some great flexibility moves and exercises that are necessary in pole dancing routines.

Fawnia Pole DVD

She also has DVD's that help you to learn more advanced pole dance tricks and add dramatic effects to your pole dancing. Her "Striptease Series: Advanced Pole Dancing and Fire" routines DVD is interesting and fun! (I love the use of that fire!)

Here is a link to her website: Officially Fawnia where you can read her biography, see her awards and photographs and learn about her fitness training.

Fawnia Mondey > Fawnia

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