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Exotic dance is a term that has come to evoke images of strip clubs and strip tease dancers in the United States. But in other parts of the world, 'exotic' refers to non-erotic cultural dances.

exotic dance

Middle eastern belly dancing with its wonderful hip gyrations and sensual movement has probably made way to the modern idea of the sexual-laden dancing we know exists in gentlemen's clubs.

As pole dancing, strip teasing cardio workouts and learning lap and chair dancing become more popular and mainstream as exercise venues, so does the idea of sensual and sexy dancing styles. 

A lot of the "stripper" style of floorwork is taught in pole studios along with pole spins and advanced tricks.

If you do want to learn how to do these moves, there are several ways to learn including finding a pole studio near you , you can take online dance classes from the privacy of your own home or learn from one of the many dvd's that are available. 

Another fun option is to try an introductory pole class or a Stripper 101 class.

Isn't pole dancing the same as exotic dance?

There's quite a bit of misconception about pole dance. You can read the history of pole dancing to get a better idea of where it originated and how it came to be classified with the rest of the more sensual dance styles. 

Although in the United States, pole dancing has its roots in the exotic dance industry, such as in strip clubs or gentlemen's clubs, it is being used today as a form of fitness, like Pilates and gymnastics combined on a metal pole. 

A lot of women (men too!) including myself, enjoy the fun, sexy and sensual aspects of the dance, like including hip circles and hair tosses in a routine. 

There is still a lot of controversy but it is slowly changing as pole dancing becomes more mainstream, which means it becomes more acceptable and considered a normalcy in the culture/society where it is taking place. 

Exotic Dance > Lap Dancing > Sexy Dancing

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