Watch Demi Moore Pole Dance!


I like to watch the scene in the movie "Striptease" just to see Demi Moore pole dance!

She is awesome and has a charisma that captures the audience in her on-stage persona, beauty, moves and passionate dance.

Here is a clip of the scene of her pole dancing:

As pole dancing becomes more and more popular as a fitness venue, women, including celebrities, are giving it a 'whirl'! I think that as celebrities try it and come out on shows like Oprah and show what they have been learning, it is becoming more accepted as a fun 'fitness-thing' instead of being looked at only from the persepective of the adult entertainment industry.

That is where pole dancing stemmed from in the United States...gentlemen's clubs in the 1970's started using poles and half-clad women to entertain the patrons. So it is difficult for people to split the two - pole and exotic dancing.

That is fast changing as some articles I have compiled here explain. 

I want to learn to perform a dance like this. Where can I start?

Lap dancing, strip teasing and pole dancing are all very fun workouts...and also fun to learn to do performances or routines. Demi Moore does an actual stripper routine which some pole dancers may be offended at being categorized with...there is pole dancing for fitness and then there is pole dancing that might include a sexy strip or lapdance routine also.

Here is a great list of the top 10 movies (including "Striptease"!) that have a pole or lap dance scene you can get some fun inspiration from! 

Demi Moore Pole Dance > Pole Dancing Girls

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