Dance a GOGO creator Andrea Lin

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DANCE a GOGO creator Andrea Lin has created a unique, fun and sexy style of dance through her DVD series. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing this inspiring woman who we can ALL learn something from, especially the dance moves we can bring into our pole dance routines!

With a little use of creativity, sass and sensuality, any woman can do these DANCE a GOGO moves.

How did you get started in dance?

I loved Japanese Manga since I was young and a ballerina's story in the book inspired me to become a dancer, then I started taking Ballet when I was 12, then the rest is history :)

How did you first come up with the idea for Dance a GoGo?

It's to help women liberate they love for female expressions into reality. I danced tons of Hip Hop in my professional days when working on music video shoots w/ stars like LL Cool J & Lil Kim etc at the time, and over the years I didn't feel that Hip Hop is the best way for women to express themselves as it's very harsh and male driven expressions.

I wanted to find a way to bring femininity back to dancing, and the spirit to represent such "free style" based dance concept is the 70's a gogo dancing, so - DANCE a GOGO was born, to re-invent that idea for our modern society.

What forms of dance do you do? 

Ballet, Jazz. Ballroom. Anything you name it, except for Tap :)

Have you tried pole dance? If so, what was your experience like?

Yup, just one, I realized that my arms are too weak to hold myself up, lol

Well, I think if someone with your background got into pole dance, you would climb to the top of the ranks quickly!  Do you have a dance studio where people can take your DANCE a GOGO classes?

Yup, we're based in LA, the Beverly Hills area.

Awesome, I'll have to visit! Do you have any new products or projects in the works?

My Burlesque DVD series will be released by summer this year :) And we have teacher training coming up on for people who want to become a DANCE a GOGO Teacher. 

What has been your biggest goal in dance?

My biggest goal is dance is to set a new standard for dance. I believe when you meld the cultures of the world together into a harmonious dance that speak the language of the soul. You are generating love and faith that we're all connected. It's the world that we live and breath together, and so we should love each other a little bit more everyday.

What do you think about the whole stigma of 'stripping' being associated with the sexier forms of dance like cardio strip teasing or pole dancing?

I think it's all based on context. If you strip for a career or if you strip for art projects or if you strip for your husband.

Sexuality is a sacred gift from the universe for us to create "life," and the idea is so beautiful that most people do not know its power to influence. So they abuse the idea to service their means and publicly exploit it.

You cannot change the way people think in regards to how they process information judgmentally and/or superficially, but you do, speak, act according to your virtues consistently, then that's how you change the paradigm of public perceptions.

Like all things, you start from yourself. And like all things, things do change and it always come by surprise.

Andrea Lin of DANCE a GOGO starring in her new burlesque DVD

What products or services do you offer your customers and followers?

We have our DANCE a GOGO series DVDs for purchase and we have free tutorials online via YouTube and empowerment quotes on our Dance a GoGo FaceBook page, then of course we have teacher training for people who want to become a fitness professional through dance.

How can people purchase them?

What do think overall about pole dancing?

I think it's the story of seduction definitely. You can do any sports taking out the emotional content. But then if you do that, that sport has no meanings, much like pushups.

There's absolutely no meaning in repetitions on meaningless physical activities. You can dance, swim, play ball etc to get fit, and you can run or vice versa. But if you choose pole dance to express yourself, most likely it's to fuel your creative expressions as a woman, to share the story of seduction, the beauty of your body and the love of being a female.

I think it becomes a way of motivation to get people moving, then I believe it's a good thing. In this life, it's about moving forward, getting up and achieve, and if that's what you're doing, then great, that's all it matters.

Andrea Lin, creator of DANCE a GOGO, starring in her new DVD.

What advice can you give readers that want to give sensual dance a try but are afraid because they are not 'fit' or don't have any dance experience?

DO ANYTHING ONCE. That's my philosophy. I don't let FEAR dictate what I can or cannot do. I refuse to live this life in cowardice and I made that determination when I was only 17 and decided to come to America.

You can have absolutely nothing, no one, not even know the language or the culture entirely, you can still get ahead. You can have lots of hate in your life, you can still love. You can become irrelevant in your communities, you can still become a leader.

That's motivation, and that's faith. You work on yourself everyday to become better, then the rest follows. So trying out a new sport or dance should be a no brainer, as you're meant to do bigger and greater things. That's my view on life.

What advice can you give to more experienced dancers?

You don't give up. You keep going until you're in the death bed. Let no one and no one organization or trends to tell you what you can do or can not. You keep going, you don't stop.

Who says you have to retire at 25? Who says you can only become relevant if you start at a very young age? They are NOT true. These ideas may be valid on most cases but go read successful people's stories.

You'll realize that you can do anything if you truly observe what's around you. Everything is hard work absolutely. But if you love it that badly, it's pure joy.

Like sex, it's the fine line between endurance and pleasure, they go hand in hand. God, the universe, is wonderful in that way, the solution is often the problem itself. So find it, work it and make it happen :)

Here is a preview of Andrea's new Burlesque DVD...I'm so excited I think I'm going to get this one RIGHT AWAY!

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