Cross Training for Pole Dancing


Have you ever started feeling burned out, frustrated or bored with your pole dancing? After days and weeks and possibly months of training, are you just feeling 'stale' somehow? Is there a trick that you have been trying to nail and just cannot seem to?

If all you are doing for your workouts is on the pole, then you may need a good dose of cross training! Cross training? As in doing something other than the perfect exercise, pole dancing?

Yes! A resounding 'yes'!!! (Click on the image or the link below to start your free download)

cross training for pole dancing

Learn in my FREE immediately downloadable, illustrated, 14-page, information-packed eBook how to use cross training to your advantage including:

- how to use cross training to improve your pole dancing

- what the best 2 cardio exercises are for your legs' range of motion

- a simple trick to increase your flexibility each time you stretch

- tips to help you get your splits

- how to use rest to improve your level of training

- a powerful tool that requires no physical activity that will take your pole dancing to the next level

- how to use goal setting in your next pole class to your advantage

- how to use the simplest weight training routine that competition-winning bodybuilders have used to train for maximum strength

- 3 effective core exercises to build your entire core

- and much, much more!

The cross training exercise program in this eBook are for both beginning as well as those seasoned pole dancers.

Check it all out in my FREE immediately available eBook "Cross Training for Pole Dancing"!

The eBook is available for download in .pdf format; a free reader version of Adobe Acrobat is needed. Here is a link to get the software if you don't already have it: Adobe Acrobat reader free download

Feel free to share this page with your Facebook and Twitter friends as the information serves as a reminder to round-out our training to prevent injury and improve our pole dance skills mentally and physically. 

Happy reading and don't forget to let me know what you think!

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