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Chair Dancing is fun and sexy!

Chair dancing has become a popular dance workout and looks beautiful when performed along with burlesque and pole dancing styles. You will never look at the dining room chairs the same again!

We are talking Pussycat Doll style, hot, smoking moves that will tone your abs, legs and arms...and it's incredibly fun! If you don't have a pole yet, you can start here as this will empower you with physical strength and get you used to the sensual slow moves that are popular with many pole dancers.

Check out these clips:

Here is a clip from Flirty Girl Fitness Chair Dance:

You can also work a chair dance into a burlesque routine:

If it grabs your attention, maybe try a dvd in the privacy of your home:

Some studios also offer lessons and classes! Search for a studio near you.

Benefits of Chair Dancing

  • Helps to develop core strength
  • Can be a great cardio workout!
  • Can be used as a low-impact method of exercising say when you are recovering from an injury
  • Learn new dance moves to use in your pole dance routines
  • Can also strengthen and tone legs, arms and back
  • Great to use in a burlesque style performance or routine

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