Learn the Caterpillar


The Caterpillar is a pole dance invert that requires a strong basic invert, core and arm strength as well as control.

Learn this trick in steps and make sure to use a crash mat and/or spotter when first learning this trick as you will be moving your hands while inverted.

Here is a video that demonstrates the move, also called the 'Pole Pounce':

1. Get into an basic invert.

2. When inverted, move your body to face the pole. The pole and your sternum (middle of your chest) should be facing one another.

3. Place one arm at face level on the pole.

4. Place the other hand at navel level on the pole.

5. Use your arms to push you out and away from the pole.

6. Keep a grip on the pole with your knees and ankles/feet and push yourself into an upside down sitting position. Your butt and knees should be at the same level.

7. Still keeping your knee grip and without re-positioning your hands, slide down the pole into a straightened position that you started in.

Tips to help you learn the Caterpillar

  • Develop strong core stability by learning the Elbow Stand or Forearm Stand
  • Develop even more core strength and stability by learning Handstands

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