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Before you buy dancing pole, look at several things:

  • How you plan on using the pole? To work out? To learn advanced tricks and spins on it? To try it a few times? For entertaining someone? As a novelty?
  • How often do you plan on using it? durability becomes a factor here...
  • How much you weigh? Not all poles will hold the same amounts of weight
  • Where do you plan on placing it? Can you use hardware on your ceilings or floors? Are you renting an apartment and don't want to make any marks on the ceilings? Do you have a flat or vaulted ceiling? How high are the ceilings?
  • What type of flooring do you have? Some poles require a floor pad to be placed down on non-carpeted floors.
  • Do you want it to spin, to stay still(static) or to do both?
  • Are you more into spins or tricks, inverts and poses? Or both?
  • Are you going to be taking your pole from place to place? Does it need to be easily transported? There are poles that come in several pieces such as the X-pole or others that come in one 8 foot piece such as the Lil' Mynx
  • Do you have very small hands? Some poles will come in a smaller diameter for smaller hands. Both the X-Pole, Lil' Mynx and Platinum Stages offer this feature.
  • So you want the pole to be able to spin? The spinning feature is not recommended for beginning pole dancers but is attractive option once you have mastered your spins and some inversions...some tricks look better performed while in motion instead of just a static pose and no movement...

These are all questions that you need to ask yourself and also look at the different features and options that each brand offers.

Here is a short video about choices in choosing a pole to purchase:

Buy Dancing Pole > Best Starter Stripper Pole

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