Build Strength for Pole Dancing


I have been asked many times:

"How to I build more strength for pole dancing?"

"What exercises can I do to get a stronger grip?"

"How can I hold myself up better on the pole?"

The right kind of STRENGTH is what makes the difference between the dancer that looks like she is struggling and using all of her energy and the dancer that looks like it is effortless to whirl herself around the pole gracefully!

Knowing which exercises and how to perform them will increase the muscular strength you need for poses and tricks specific to pole dancing.

This immediately downloadable, illustrated, 26-page, information-packed eBook that will give you exercises for:

- improving your grip

- forearm strength and flexibility

- rotator cuff strength - the most commonly injured part of a pole dancer's body

- leg strength for gripping

- joint flexibility and how to effectively increase your range of motion

- the best exercises for incredible core strength

- rotational core strength

- holding yourself effortlessly on the pole

- holding yourself in inverted trick positions

...and much more! 

It also includes sections on:

- the secret ingredient to workouts that women usually leave out that can make you burn fat faster

- a simple and easy-to-follow and use eating plan that allows you to use the foods that you want!

- why less cardio is better and the way to do your workout to make it 100% more effective in half the time!

- how to get longer, leaner looking muscles

- how to get skin that glows and glows...!

The strength-building exercise program in this eBook are for both beginning as well as those seasoned pole dancers.

Check it all out in my immediately eBook "Pole Power: A Strength-Building Program for Pole Dancers"!

The eBook is available for download in .pdf format; a free reader version of Adobe Acrobat is needed. Here is a link to get the software if you don't already have it: Adobe Acrobat reader free download

As a special promotional offer to my readers, I am offering this helpful and information-packed eBook for only $19.95!!!

If you have any questions or concerns about the product
please contact me!

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