use a brass pole for
learning pole tricks!

A brass pole, because of its metallic properties, provides a dancer with a great aid to learning more advanced tricks in the beginning. The metal absorbs body oils and the skin will grip it and not slide as opposed to other metal pole dancing pole dancing poles.

One of the cons of brass is that it is not the best for spinning because of the nature of the grip your skin will have on it. There are removable , static and stationary poles that come in this type of metal. There are several manufacturers that make these including Poledanzer and Platinum Stages.

Xpole makes a brass-toned one that is actually titanium gold and has just a tad less grip than brass and can actually be used for tricks and spins equally.

Price? These type of dance poles usually sell in the $250-$400 range, depending on where you live (shipping costs) and how high your ceiling is that you want to mount it on.

Some automatically have the spinning function which consists of either a pin through the bottom of the pole or a type of locking device such as a screw. The device is taken out when you want the pole to spin.

The stationary poles are usually bolted into the ceiling and floor which can be a problem if you are renting an apartment or house and don't want to leave any damage or have a concrete floor!

Removables poles are usually non-invasive which means they won't require any hardware mounting such as screws or bolts in the ceiling. Some removable poles will have a small mount that may require a lag-bolt in the ceiling.

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