Body Electric Pole Dance Studio

by Maree Prebensen
(Wellington, New Zealand)

Body Electric Pole Dance Studio, based in Wellington, New Zealand, invites you to try the beautiful art of pole dance! Our studio, located in central Wellington, features world-class instructors who teach classes from Beginners through to Elite level pole dance.

If you have never poled before, then we suggest you try our three class 'Intro to Pole' course, which will take you though a warm up to music, pole climbs and sits, simple spins and strength holds and a relaxing cool down stretch. The 'Intro to Pole' classes at Body Electric are suitable for all fitness levels, body types and ages.

After you have completed 'Intro to Pole', we offer Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced pole technique classes as well as 'Pole Grooves' (a fun, choreographed dance session with weekly routines), Conditioning classes featuring weight training and flexibility sessions, plus creative dance sessions working towards individual choreography and free-styling techniques. Check out our comprehensive timetable on our website.

Our studio has wooden floors, natural, flattering light and air conditioning. We have 10 poles and always limit the classes to one student per pole to ensure students maximise their pole time and have good teacher-to-student contact.

The instructors at Body Electric include co-director Giada Caluzzi. Originally a high school teacher from Melbourne, and trained as a pole instructor and performer at Pole Divas, Giada Caluzzi (aka Miss G) is now truly ensconced in the New Zealand pole scene. Body Electric allows her to indulge her two great passions, pole dancing and teaching. She loves seeing women grow stronger and more confident through pole and appreciates pole as a challenging, artistic and expressive form of dance, second to none. She also loves to perform, particularly character pieces, and has graced many a stage as characters such as Cleopatra, wild jungle women, fiendish elves and she-devils. Her trademarks in pole are her fluid style and strength holds and her slightly off-beat music choices in performance.

Maree Prebensen, co-director of Body Electric Pole Dance Studio, has a background in ballet and martial arts, but since attending her first pole class 8 years ago has found her true calling. She has been a Miss Pole Dance New Zealand finalist, an NZAPP finalist and was selected to perform in 'Encore', a pole showcase based in Sydney. As well as teaching and performing, she produces the Pole Room shows, regular pole showcases based in Wellington featuring acts from throughout NZ. She is a certified pole teacher (X-pert certification.) She teaches all levels of pole dance classes, but her favourite classes to teach are creative choreography and freestyle sessions.

Our opening hours are 12pm to 9.00pm Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 5.00pm Saturday.

Please contact us through our website to book a class.

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